About Us - The Awesome Sausage Shop

For over 60 years, the only way to get the best kielbasy and sausages this side of the Atlantic was to make your way to a tiny sausage shop in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

There you would find a third generation sausage maker who started learning the trade from his father at the young age of six. In the early years of his training he mastered the art of manufacturing a variety of Polish sausages by hand. 

As time went on, his passion for sausage making grew, as did his desire to honor other cultures with his craft.  If you walk into this shop today, not only can you find all the Polish kielbasy your belly can handle, but a delicious variety of traditional European and Cajun sausages as well.  

So what is the secret to keeping a small family business thriving after 60 years? Quality.  There is no cutting corners when it comes to producing a truly exceptional product. These sausages are all natural, gluten free, contain no preservatives, nitrates or fillers. Just meat, spices, and love. 

Called "awesome" by many of their customers, we believe that products this good should be shared with others both far and wide.  Our curated selection of the best sellers from Continental Home Made Provisions a.k.a. "The Kielbasy Store" can now be shipped straight to your door!